10 Fascinating Facts About Coffee That You Must Know


You will be surprised to know that about 83 percent Americans use to consume coffee on daily basis; with such a wide popularity, surveys shows that coffee is one of the second most merchandised commodity and there is no doubt to say that its taste is delicious.

But the incredibility does not end here instead there are numerous facts that common people are not aware of about their favorite drink and the list includes all good and bad stuff.

  1. Discovered By a Goat

Yes! You heard the right fact; your favorite drink is actually discovered by a goat and if we go into more specific details then it was invented in the 9th century by a young goat that was named as Kaldi. The goat herder one day found his goats doing some strange activities after eating some cherries from a coffee tree; after observing its effects he tried the same for his own usage. The story was quite interesting but the actual discovery of coffee is still encountered to be in the 16th century as per written data.



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