The 9 in 1 Survival CorePak is the # 1 selling survival kit on the market today!

9 in 1 survival bundle. Perfect for any survival or self-defense situation.


Every survivalist dream come true.

The CorePak was designed in the USA and was made to address key needs when it comes to surviving and protecting yourself and your family. Each item can play a crucial role to staying alive, whether you’re in the wilderness or just protecting yourself. Each 9 of the products was specifically chosen, making this survival kit one of a kind.

Why Choose The 9 in 1 Survival CorePak?

Take a minute and look at all the items below, you’ll quickly learn how valuable this survival kit is.

Big Flint Fire starter 8.5 x 80mm

Mini LED Tactical Flashlight – 350 Lumen Blinding Power

Compass with Ruler for Map Navigation

Stainless Steel Knife with bottle opener

High Frequency Aluminum Whistle

Tactical Pen – Perfect for Smashing windows or Self defense

11 in 1 Multi-function Card tool

Finger Flashlight – Source of light without drawing attention

primitive-survivors-survival-core-pak-11     primitive-survivors-survival-core-pak-12

primitive-survivors-survival-core-pak-13     primitive-survivors-survival-core-pak-14


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