Brand Name Products For Pennies On The Dollar

Ever find yourself window shopping to pass the time or just to see if you can find that perfect deal when you least expect it…think back to the days of coupon clipping or saving for that next upcoming holiday sale. These are all things of the past! Nowadays, the hottest... Read More

Brand Name Products For Pennies On The Dollar

Do you love that shopping spree exhilaration when you find a great deal and save tons of money? What a happy and rewarding feeling, right? Especially for luxury brands like Gucci, Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade, just to name a few. Tophatter provides these feelings over & over, as... Read More

a Disease Fighter

       The interesting fact to know about coffee is that it can help in the prevention of dementia as well as Alzheimer and so many doctors use to prefer its usage to patients.        Read More

A Natural Fat Burner

       Weight loss solutions seeker may be glad to know that coffee is capable enough to boost metabolism rate in a human body and will lead to natural weight loss process.        Read More

Contains Important Nutrients

       As per researchers carried by so many scientists, it is believed that coffee used to contain almost 11 percent of Riboflavin, 6 percent of the Pantothenic acid, about 3 percent of potassium and manganese with 2 percent of niacin. All of these are very useful for the... Read More

It is Not Actually Dehydrating

       From past so many years, a common belief is observed that coffee is a kind of dehydrating compound but this fact is not true. It will not show such harmful effects till the time you consume it in higher quantity.        Read More

More Than 50 Species

        Coffee lovers will be glad to hear that they can enjoy more than 50 varieties of coffee in actual that are produced and used worldwide. For commercial usage, only two types out of this big collection are used and they are Robusta and Arabica.         Read More