10 Best Self Help Tips Which Would Help You Quit Smoking

10 Best Self Help Tips Which Would Help You Quit Smoking

It’s never too late when it comes to kicking off your smoking habit. No matter your age or sex these real easy tips are sure to help you get over your nicotine addiction.

  1. To begin with you need to think of all the reasons why you want to quit and write them down in your notebook. Though the motivation might differ from person to person but it’s really useful to carry them around and take a look whenever you need reminding.
  2. For many of us the pleasure of a post-dinner smoke is too tempting to give up. According to a recent research, some food like meat makes cigarettes more satisfying. On the other hand foods like veggies, citric fruits and cheese would make the cigarette taste horrible. So instead of going for your beef steak you need to go for a vegetable burger or pizza.
  3. There are certain drinks like tea, coffee, colas, beer and other fizzy drinks which make cigarettes taste so much better. If you are determined to quit smoking then you need to switch to fruit juices instead of tea or coffee. Instead of grabbing a can of beer go for a glass of vodka with tomato juice.
  4. Going for nicotine replacement therapies like inhalers, gums and nicotine patches can be really helpful for those who are heavy smokers. These nicotine alternatives would help to reduce your nicotine withdrawals while resisting the urge to smoke. Talk to your physician to find out what is best for you.
  5. Get as much support as possible from your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Tell them about your plans to quit and request them not to smoke in front of you or offer you any. Quitting together with a friend can also be a superb idea. This way you can encourage each other and share your thoughts.
  6. Think about any situations where you are likely to light a cigarette. In your initial days of quitting you should ideally avoid these situations or keep yourself engaged with your smartphone so as to resist the urge to smoke. Cutting down on coffee is also a good idea.
  7. Throw out all your smoking paraphernalia like ashtrays, lighters, rolling papers etc so that nothing can remind you of smoking. Scrub your linens cleans to remove the stench of nicotine. If cigarette is your idea of a break then reward yourself with a cup of coffee instead of a cigarette.
  8. Another scientific research has proved that exercise helps to cut down your craving for cigarettes. So go for a walk or do a few push-ups whenever you feel like a smoke.
  9. If you are really having a hard time quitting then go for those fancy vaporizers which would give you the pleasure of smoking minus the ravages of nicotine.
  10. Lastly you need to keep in mind the 4 Ds whenever you crave for a fag.

These 4Ds are: Delay, Deep breaths, Drink Water and Do something else.

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