10 incredible things you didn’t know about beer

10 incredible things you didn’t know about beer

If you are one of those people whose idea of fun includes a few cans of chilled beer then this article is surely meant for you. In today’s post we will be providing you with 10 incredible things about beer which would be enough to quench your thirst.

Pint Of Chilled Beer

Beer which is the 3rd most popular beverage ranking after water and tea come with less calories than milk. Beer when consumed in moderation is not going to give you a fat paunch. In a recent report by the British Beer and Pub Association, a pint of beer comes with lesser calories than milk, fruit juice or wine. Why go for a glass or hot milk before going to bed when you can have a pint of chilled beer?

Oldest Recipe

The first beer was created by women. Beer as a beverage has been around for thousands of years and the oldest recipe for beer can be found in a Sumerian tablet which dates back to 2000 BC. In ancient times this beverage used to be brewed at home by the women. Only women of the noblest families were allowed to participate in the brewing process. Brewster was originally a term which denoted the women who brewed beer. In ancient Greece it is the women who were the beer drinkers since the men were only into wine.

The Pyramids Builders Fuel

The ancient Egyptians paid the builders of pyramids with bottles of beer. The workers loved the drink so much that they used to strike when they were deprived of their rations. The constructors at the Giza used to receive 4 litres of beers a day as payment. The Egyptians consumed 2 different kinds of beers- the heket and the kha-ahmet.

Beer Instead Of Water

You can use beer as a substitute for water in hundreds of different recipes. We are not just talking about the beer battered chicken. You can use beer instead of water to cook all kinds of tasty food. It can be used in breads, sauces, meat and even seafood.

Roman Goddess Of Ggriculture

If you are reading this article then you are surely one of those Cerevisaphiles out there. Don’t know what it means? Well a beer connoisseur is also known as a Cerevisaphile – a term derived from the Roman goddess of agriculture – Ceres.

First Beer Bottle

The first beer bottle on the globe was sold in the year 1850. Before 1850 people could only get this drink in the taverns where it had to be collected in buckets.

Removing Stains

You can use your favourite drink to do a lot of domestic jobs like removing stains or breaking up rust. The carbonation in the beer makes it ideal for breaking of rust or removing a stain for your precious rug.

500 Kinds Of Beer

You can choose from more than 500 kinds of beer. Ale is considered the oldest beer while the lagers are the most popular form of beer.

Killing  Germs

Medieval people had beer coz they found it safer than water. The hops and the alcohol helps to kill the germs and purify the water in olden days.

Beer is considered the oldest of all brewed drink whose recipe dates back to 3500 BC. Even in the Magna Carta you will find a mention of this drink.

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