5 Non-medication Ways to Stop Smoking

5 Non-medication Ways to Stop Smoking

We know smoking is dangerous to our health and lead to various types of diseases such as lung cancer, bladder cancer, cancer in the pancreas…  Smoking is bad for everyone and is one of the major reasons of unnecessary deaths in the world. People especially teenagers start smoking due to curiosity about the taste of cigarettes. They begin with a few but as the time passes they get addicted to it. And then one cigarette a day slowly becomes a few packets per day. Quitting smoking is not very easy but with the help of few ways you can try to quit smoking.

Some ways or tips for quitting smoking without any medication are as follows:

  • You should start doing an exercise with a personal trainer or with your partner. If you are smoking from many years then it can be tough to follow exercise plan for you but keep in mind that you can do it . Doing exercises will help you to purify your heart, lungs as well as your brain. After some days, you will feel the change and would not like to smoke.
  • You should distract yourself and avoid smoking triggers. Keep your mind busy and do some work that can calm you such as take a walk, bath, watch movies, listen to music, do some yoga or meditation. You can also switch to tea or coffee if you feel like to smoke.
  • Acupuncture is a method by which you can quit smoking up to a higher extent. This is an ancient form of treatment which is developed in china. In this method, needles are used for stimulating energy points in the human body.
  • You can also use the method of cold turkey. This method is used by smokers to quit smoking, but it is not very easy. Smokers are addicted to cigarettes both psychologically and physically as a consequence when they quit smoking, their body starts experiencing symptoms such as depression and insomnia which last up to 2-3 months.
  • You should make a personal plan to quit smoking. This plan should consist of the following rules. First, set a date or day from which you want to quit smoking. Then inform your family, colleagues and friends about your planning and ask them to support you and encourage you to stop smoking. Also, you should throw away all cigarettes from your car, home or workplace. If you follow all these rules in a strict manner then it will definitely help you in quitting smoking.

Thus, people should understand how smoking badly affects their health. One of the major benefits of quitting smoke is that it lowers the risk of heart attack and cancer. If you stop smoking earlier before the age of 50, then it decreases the risk of your death by 50%. You should be confident and say no to smoking because it is never too late to stop smoking. Hence, you can try the various methods mentioned above to stop smoking without any type of medication.

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