5 signs you’ve moved from Interested to Stalker

5 signs you’ve moved from Interested to Stalker

Remember the times when you had to equip yourself with hoodies, binoculars and a real tenacity in order to become a stalker? However in the second decade of the 21st century a few weird acts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter is enough to get you branded as a stalker. In this article we are going to help you find out if you have transcended the boundary between a regular interested candidate to a borderline stalker.

Social Media

You scroll through each and every post of her/his Facebook or Instagram everyday and never forget to like a single one. Keep in mind that social media is a stalker trap. Therefore think twice before becoming his/her chronic liker. If you are really in the mood then just stalk in silence and no one is going to laugh at you. Typical stalker behavior consists in minute perusal of Facebook profiles and checking them many times a day. If you are posing too many questions to your date about her personal life then you have all the tell tale stalking signs.

Favorite hangout zone

Do you ‘run into’ your love interest every other day? Well in that case chances are high that he/she is going to think of you as a stalker. Your sudden appearance at her/his favorite coffee shop every alternate day would certainly make the person think that you are a stalker. To be frank no one believes in coincidences these days and therefore waiting for your love interest at her favorite hangout zone everyday isn’t possibly a good idea.

Personal information

If you are one of those people who likes to get hold of all the personal information about a person then you are surely a stalker. Stalkers make it a point to dig into the personal details about a person once they are fixated on her/him. Moreover they also tend to spend a lot of time researching about that person on social media. In this respect they are similar to the private detective who tries to get as much info about a person as possible. If you know everything about the daily schedule of the person you are interested in then make an appointment with a psychiatrist as soon as possible.

Respect a person’s privacy

Stalkers like to drop in unannounced even when a person tells them they have plans. This is one of the most common stalking tendencies. In the given situation you are going to feel not only nervous but also insulted deep down. Surely you don’t like being told: ‘Good to see you but didn’t I tell you I am going out with friends today.’ Always make sure to respect a person’s privacy otherwise people will think you are really twisted.

Understanding the simple word ‘NO’

When angry or agitated, the stalker tends to touch or grab the other person in an aggressive way. If you are a stalker then you want 100% attention from your love interest. generally a stalker exhibits irrational and violent behavior at the slightest prospect of abandonment. In other words if you have problems understanding the simple word ‘no’ then you are definitely a stalker.

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