6 Powerful Habits For a Life of Well-Being And Joy

6 Powerful Habits For a Life of Well-Being And Joy

In the past few months, (COVID-19) has dramatically changed our entire way of life, especially how we work and live. This has brought to identify and develop an alternative lifestyle to adapt to this emerging problem. The easiest way to navigate the recent changes during these periods of rapid change and uncertainty is to concentrate on the individual state of well being and to support our environment by taking proper health care and measures. This is also a critical time to put our health and well-being first above all other things.

This pandemic period has a lot of negative impact on us all. Still, one of the good sides to this is an opportunity to build new healthy habits. New good health habits will not only see us through this pandemic period but will help us in ways we can’t even comprehend and will also navigate us safely throughout this year 2020 and beyond. The following are the habits to help us navigate through this pandemic period and beyond.

1.   Exercise regularly

Regular exercise helps to control the weight, preserve healthy bones, muscles and joints and decreases the risk of getting high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, according to the National Cancer Institute. From statistics, 260,000 casualties per year in the United States are attributed to lack of exercise.

Many fitness trainers recommend that you do 30 minutes of exercise 5-6 days a week. Exercise shouldn’t be like you are preparing for combat, it should be something pleasing. The most important thing in exercise is to enjoy it. An excellent example is a 30-minute stroll, this will help a lot for your well-being, increasing one’s longevity.

2. Get adequate rest

Sleep is essential to our state of well-being. When we sleep, the brain removes the stress we have undergone in our daily activities and reset itself to be in its optimal function.

We are all familiar with the most common symptoms of sleeplessness, which are fatigue, lack of focus, and forgetfulness. However, sleep deprivation may have a far more severe and long-term effect on your brain than is commonly known. A recent Italian study shows that a constant lack of sleep will start to kill the brain. To avoid this viable trait, ensure you get 7-9 hours’ rest, and if you have problems with sleeping, you can do away with your phone, TV, laptops when you are preparing to sleep.

3. Boost your immune system.

You should eat food rich in vitamin C, vitamin D and Zinc. They will be a wonderful help in improving your immune system. Most people often think you can get vitamin C only in citrus fruit such as orange, tangerine etc… But you can get vitamin C mostly in all fruits and vegetables. Vitamin D is best gained under early morning sunlight which Zinc as its richest sources in oysters, meat and dairy foods are also an excellent source.

4. Always have your breakfast

Studies have shown that people who have their breakfast prefer to eat less fat and cholesterol and have more vitamins and minerals. Foods with high fiber and protein provide you with more energy to sustain the day’s work. Having your breakfast gives you the strength to tackle daily challenges.

5. Always stay hydrated

It is of vital importance to get the right amount of water because each of our cells, tissues, and organs requires water. We are traditionally advised that we need 8 eight glasses of water every day, a number never scientifically confirmed. But most importantly, we need an adequate quantity of water in our system to aid proper metabolism in the system.

6. Make yourself your top priority.

You’ve spent a lifetime taking care of other people and events in your career, rather than maintaining yourself. No more! Each week, schedule in time for working out, grocery shopping, meal preparation, personal time to explore and time to be with your backs and tribe. Remember that working on self-care is not narcissistic. It’s a necessity if you want to manage a rich and cheery life.

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