7 Easy Ways to Lose Fat and Get Lean Faster

7 Easy Ways to Lose Fat and Get Lean Faster

The healthy and attractive body is desirable for everyone. Weight loss is an attainable job if you avoid crucial mistakes and stick to healthy plans combining a proper diet plan and exercising routine. Following are some simple tips you can follow to gain positive results.

  1. Avoid Fasting and Crash Diets

The internet is flooded with crash diet plans to loss fat in 7 days etc. Do not fall trap to these fad diet plans. You need to set realistic goals to achieve success with your fat loss program. Never go on a fasting as it will disturb your normal metabolism and you will gain more weight. Always have a healthy nutritious breakfast containing low fat dairy products, salads, whole cereals and lean protein.

  1. Keep the Body Hydrated

The liver requires a lot of water to break down the fat stores in the body. Keeping the body hydrated helps to keep the muscles and joints healthy during workouts and regulate the proper functioning of the internal organs. Drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. Athletes and sportsmen should follow their recommended diet plans.

  1. Eat Small Portion Meals 5 Times a Day

Your meal should not be heavy but evenly distributed throughout the day. You can break the diet routine combining the regular macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fats) into several small portions with some nuts, fruits and salads. While the bodybuilding enthusiasts break, their meal plan into 8 times, you can start with a meal plan for eating 5 times a day.

  1. Make Green Tea Part of Everyday Diet

Green tea is the choicest beverage for those who want to lose fat faster. It helps to improve the metabolism to burn the fat stores in the body. The antioxidants in green tea help to recover faster after intense workout while keeping the body hydrated. The green tea is better choice over coffee as it helps to retain the necessary moisture balance in the body.

  1. Do Cardio Workouts after Lifting Weights

Those who are exercising for fat loss need to combine weight lifts and cardio in their regular workout program. A cardio workout after lifting heavy weights boost fat burning by breaking the glycogen stores in the body.

  1. Have Proper Rest and Sleep

Lack of proper sleep raises the flow of cortisol or the stress hormone holding the fat stores in the body. Additionally, those who sleep less gradually develops a reduced metabolism obstructs the body to burn fat and converts it into energy.

  1. Avoid Eating Processed Foods and Beverages

Processed foods and items with refine sugar are high on the calorie count and low on nutritional value. Supplement these foods with lots of fiber rich whole cereals, green veggies, salads, fresh juicy fruits and nuts. Your diet should contain adequate amount of proteins and other macronutrients to keep the body active for workouts and regular activities.


Weight loss goals with realistic approach are attainable and provide long-term success. The abovementioned tips are beneficial for faster healthy weight loss.

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