7 easy ways to make a great first impression

7 easy ways to make a great first impression

They say ‘first impressions last forever’ and this is why it is incredibly important to make a great impression for every individual. No matter you are out on a business meet or are meeting new people over drinks, there is all likelihood that you’ll be judged by your audience and this is why you need to make sure that you are judged at your very best. It takes not more than 5 seconds for the person to form an opinion of you when you first meet him/her and in case you want to make sure of making a great impression on that person, you ought to follow these 7 easy ways.

  1. Get your intentions straight

The most important thing to do for making a great first impression is to set a particular intention. You need to be clear about where you are going and must have an insight of the kind of people you are going to meet and interact with. Do your research beforehand and have a blueprint of the kind of conversation you want to have.

  1. Prepare well

A number of psychology and medical studies conducted across the world have proven that people make the first impressions in less than a minute after meeting any individual. This implies that your first impression is most likely based on your appearance, personality and apparels. In order to make a great first impression, make sure to dress well and look clean and tidy.

  1. Be punctual

The person you are meeting for the very first time might not be interested in listening to your excuses of running late and not reaching for the meeting/date on time might put them off as well. Punctuality is a golden rule that you must follow in order to make a great first impression.

  1. Smile

They say, “Smile is the shortest curve that sets everything straight” and we completely agree with it. Keeping a sweet and small smile on your face not just makes you instantly attractive but also portrays you as a very approachable person. So, next time you meet a new person, don’t forget to wear your attractive smile.

  1. Be yourself

A number of people resort to faking things especially when meeting someone for the very first time. Friends, being yourself is the very first step of striking the right chords with new people. Don’t try to manipulate your personality only for the sake of making a long lasting impression as this would only make things worse.

  1. Be open and confident

A confident personality speaks volume for itself and makes a really long lasting impression. This is the reason why we suggest you to remain calm, composed and confident while meeting new people. Also, having an open persona would help you strike more interactive conversations with all kinds of people.

  1. Be a good listener

Meeting someone for the first time can be nerve wrecking unless you are well versed with your personality’s strengths and weaknesses. Friends, we all live a world where everybody wants to speak, so in order to make a long lasting impression on new people be a person who loves to listen as well.

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