7 Interesting Solar Energy Facts

7 Interesting Solar Energy Facts

Sun has sustained life and is known as renewable source of energy. Nonrenewable sources mean sources which are present in earth in limited quantity such as coal, gas, fossil fuels and oil. But renewable sources are unlimited such as energy of sun. From billions of years sun is producing energy and it is considered as the very important source for all types of life forms present in the earth. It helps in reducing greenhouse effect and is highly reckoned by people due to its nominal rates, long life, various applications and reliable nature.

Some interesting facts about solar energy are as following:

The Sun

The amount of solar energy that hits the earth each hour is sufficient to grant the energy requirements of earth’s entire population for a one year. It travels for 93,000,000 miles from the sun to the earth in only 8 minutes and 19 seconds.


If the amount of solar energy is added that is engrossed by the Earth’s atmosphere then it would end up with near about 3,850,000 EJ per year.


One another great fact of solar energy is that by the process of photosynthesis it is converted by green plants into chemical energy and this chemical energy further form up fossil fuels.


In Ancient Egypt the sunlight was used for religious practices. A priest of the Sun God Ra, Imhotep use a unique type mixture of herbs and minerals for capturing sunlight in a same manner as today the solar panels are being used.


Many countries also conducted space missions successfully by using solar energy to giving power to their spaceships.


One of the interesting facts of solar energy is that it leads to contribute the completion of water cycle in an efficient manner. The atmosphere, earth and oceans absorb the solar radiation and as the temperature rise up the warm air from oceans rises and results in convention. When this warm air goes up to higher height then the clouds are form and therefore, it pour rain water back to the earth.

Solar energy can also be used to purify water. This use of solar energy was very popular in Greek and was accomplished by Persian alchemists in the 1500s. One more method to purify water of contamination by using solar energy is known as solar distillation. This has the ability to turn black water into drinking water.

Solar Power

Apart from these facts there are also some common facts of solar energy. Solar lights are wireless and resistant to black out. Outdoor lighting powered by solar energy does not require any regular maintenance or service.

Solar energy has been used from prehistoric times and nowadays used for water pumping, lighting purpose, railway signals, desalination of salty water and many more. If the more resources are being found to make efficient use of solar energy then it will decrease the dependence of human being on non-renewable sources of energy and thus will make the environment pollution free and cleaner.

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