7 Most Wonderful Beach Locations in the World

7 Most Wonderful Beach Locations in the World

For those who love to travel and visit new locations throughout the world, it is really amazing to get information about top ranked beaches of the world.

With the thought of beaches, the wonderful sight of blue water mixed with sand will be running in your mind and you will start memorizing the joyful moments of your last visit to a beautiful beach with your family and friends.

If you are soon going to pack your bag to enjoy a holiday tour with ambiance of natural beauty and excellence of beach locations then following information will be helpful for you to make decision about where to go.

Details about top seven beaches in the world:


You can usually find photographs of so many visitors on internet with this lovely beach location because it is the most amazing blessing of nature in the well-known Island, La Digue. The beauty of pale pink sand along with sparkling appearance will make your day more beautiful. The water level at this beach is protected with the help of reef so you can enjoy here without any trouble.


The name Maldives brings happiness in our mind and it fills our heart with the joy of enjoying swimming under water with lots of beautiful sea creatures. If you check the photographs of Maldives beach on internet then its beauty will force you to book your weekend trip in a resort close to the beach location and you will not be able to stop yourself from enjoyment of this amazing air.

Bora Bora:

When the thought of some magical beach locations revolve in your mind then you cannot go ahead without thinking about Bora Bora that is 18 miles long beautiful beach location with protected water waves and wonderful sandy sores. The quite atmosphere and lovely weather conditions will make your day more memorable.

The Hamptons:

One of the prettiest and mesmerizing beach locations over a long Island is well known by the name of The Hamptons. The amazing spots of air kissing and perfectly managed location brings feeling of joy and excitement in visitors heart and it will not be sufficient to visit this place with a short tour because you will not be able to stop yourself from enjoyment.

Lanikai Beach:

If you are thinking to visit Hawaii then it will be a bad idea to miss Lanikai Beach during your tour because it is born with the outstanding beauty of tropical plants, white sand and the endless beautiful sunshine that adds beauty to every natural aspect.

Fraser Island:

Perched beautifully on the Queensland of Brisbane, the Fraser Island is one of the most wonderful beach locations. This amazing heritage site of world is often visited by numbers of tourists from different corners of world and this natural paradise on earth gives a feeling of like dream come true to visit the wonderland.


The name Langkawi itself means “a land of wishes” and there is no doubt to say that once you reach this location then surely you will realize that all your dreams come true for visiting some extraordinary spot for vacations.

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