7 Proven Strategies to Lose Weight Faster on Autopilot

7 Proven Strategies to Lose Weight Faster on Autopilot

In this busy life, it can be difficult make major lifestyle changes for weight loss. Many obese people may have problems of going for exercising. Following are some simple methods to bring changes in your regular diet to lose weight on autopilot.

Reduce Your Food Palate

Your goal is reduce the regular calorie intake and not starving. Try to substitute high calorie oily foods with whole cereals, lean proteins and salads. These items will make you feel fuller while you consume fewer calories.

Use Coconut Oil for Cooking Your Meal

The coconut oil is a rich source of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCG) that helps to reduce the appetite and food cravings. You will be able to eat right and control the extra hunger more easily. This oil helps to boost the metabolism and burn abdominal fat easily.

Include Eggs in Your Breakfast to Control Food Cravings

Those who are gaining weight due to reduced metabolism should include eggs in their breakfast. They help to control hunger after the breakfast even if you are taking light meals throughout the day. Those who eat eggs in the breakfast have improved metabolism compared to those eating only cereals.

Reduce Your Carbohydrate Intake

An important weight loss goal is to lower the daily high calorie intake. Avoid food items like sugars, sweetened beverages, pasta, potatoes, processed foods etc. They are high in carbohydrate content. You must eat carbohydrates in low portions everyday while ensuring they are rich in fiber content. Fiber rich cereals and whole grains help to cut down on fat stores faster while bestowing healthy bowel functioning. Ideally, 100 to 150gms of carbohydrate are great for the body during the weight loss program.

Control Stress and Get Peaceful Sleep

The peaceful sleep is often discarded as part of the fat loss program. You need to have at least 7 hours of sound sleep at night to keep your metabolism healthy. Your body needs to rest properly to remain stress free. Chronic stress levels increase the flow of cortisol hormone that pose several problems like insulin resistance (causing diabetes and high blood sugar) and increase in abdominal fat. People with acute stress have broader waistline and stomach fat.

Proteins are Important for Weight Loss

Your diet should include proteins in moderate quantities during each meal to ensure you lose weight faster. Proteins are complex foods that help to control frequent food cravings while your body get enough time to metabolize the fat stores in the body. Proteins are difficult to digest and take more energy to break down than simple fast food items. This means you are burning more calories while digesting proteins.

Eat Fiber Rich Low Energy Density Foods

A small change in the meal plan can help in weight loss. Replace the high calorie food items with lots of vegetables and fruits. They are high in water content with low energy density. This helps to suffice your huger, keep the stomach full while lowering your calorie intake.


The above mentioned small changes in your meal plan can help you lose fat faster without changing your daily routine, adopting intense workouts and other stringent measures.

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