7 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Wife

7 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Wife

7 Most Annoying Questions That Your Wife Cannot Tolerate

There are so many rules to enjoy a healthy life with partner without getting hurt or without making him/her cry. If you hold a true relation then it will definitely stay pure so long but there is no doubt to say that it demand some care from both sides. Sometimes partners mess up just because of some unwanted reasons or negative behaviors that is really sad; being a real men and careful about relations you need to think before you say something in front of your wife because you never know what will make her angry and a never ending fight will be initiated.

Seven Golden rules to keep your wife happy by avoiding some fight oriented questions:
  1. What is wrong with you?

This is simply the most annoying question for a women asked by her partner because it presents a negative judgment about her. Instead of asking about her behavior with this annoying line it is good to sometime find time to sit together and discuss about what you like and dislike.

  1. Why can’t you be little kinder? Or Why are you so ungrateful?

Definitely you are going to make her angry with such a rude question; it is not good to attack personally on your partner with such hurting words instead initiate a healthy communication and try to know that real facts behind her changing behavior or her sadness. Never ever try to blame her directly for anything by making wrong judgments.

  1. Can’t you just relax?

Once a fight has been initiated then this command will not help your partner to calm down rather it will make her angrier. If they are not feeling relaxed then there is definitely something that is stressing her mind or creating disturbance in her life; being a partner you need to co-operate with her and try to know the actual reason behind her aggressive behavior.

  1. Do you really want to be with me?

The only thing that makes a relationship special is your way to cherish each other and respect each others presence in your life. In some unwanted situations of life if you will ask her that whether she really want to be with you or want to leave then it will disturb balance of your relationship.

  1. Should I trust you?

Even if you are not able to believe on what other person is saying, it is not a good idea to ask her directly that can you trust her; definitely this question will drive her crazy. Partners often prefer to dump the relation when they stop trusting each other and if it is the situation of your life then you must try some straight forward ways.

  1. Have you worked out in this week?

With such a question, you are definitely telling her that she has gained some weight. Even if it is an innocent query from your side, it could make her feel insulted about her body shape or fatness.

  1. Why cannot you do the things that I want?

If your partner is upset then there could be some disturbance in her life; even if she is doing something wrong in this unstable situation of life then also never annoy her by forcing your desired on her. Give her some time to gain natural pace of life and try to take responsibility for holding a good relationship for so long.

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