7 simple ways to make your life more organized

7 simple ways to make your life more organized

Are you one of those people who have a hard time trying to find the articles of your daily need? Well in this post we are going to tell you about 7 incredibly simple ways to organize your life and the things around you.

Eye Shadows

If you are a fashion buff with a vast collection of eye shadows then there is a real simple way to keep them organized. All you need to do is find an old ice cube tray where you can store all your eye shadows. You no longer need to shuffle around to find the exact shade you want. Storing them in an ice tray would allow you to see all the individual shades and let you pick the one you want.

Bathroom Storage Space

There is a real ingenious and affordable way to add more storage space to your small bathroom. Use one of your old bar cart (or buy one from your nearest thrift store) and wheel it into the bathroom to create an additional storage space. You can not only use it to store all your toiletries but also place a potted plant or other decorative items.

Necklaces & Wristbands

Trying to find an easy way to store your necklaces and wristbands? Get one of your old cutlery trays, drill in a couple of small hooks in each compartment and attach the tray to the inside wall of your closet. Now all your jewelleries will be much more organized. The tray can be mounted onto your closet wall with the removable adhesive strips for hanging pictures.

Key Colors

People who have a difficult time finding the keys in times of need should definitely try this one out. Get a ball of embroidery floss and wrap it around the heads of the keys you use most often. Assign a separate color for each of them.

Healthy Snack

If you hate to cook but can’t do without food then try preparing a healthy snack for yourself a week in advance. Get 7 good quality lunch boxes and fill each of them with unique items. For example store berries, apples, currants and bananas in one and egg, ham, peanut butter, almonds and raisins in another and so on. Now store all of them inside the refrigerator and feast on a different snack every day of the week.

Frozen Herby Cubes

Instead of throwing away the left over parsley, celery or lemongrass you need to preserve them in the most utilitarian way. Get an ice cube tray and place the individual herbs in each of the compartments. Now pour olive oil onto it and store them in the freezer. The next time you cook throw in a couple of frozen herby cubes to create a sumptuous meal.

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