7 Smooth and Effective Ways to Pick Up Girls

7 Smooth and Effective Ways to Pick Up Girls

7 Golden Rules That Guys Needs to Know to Pick up Girls

Picking up right women for life is just like getting the best gift from God- but it works like a skill for men and needs effort to get developed in right way.

You might have sometimes thought that how some guys are just master in picking up girls? Is it actually the effect of good looks or one must have deeper pockets to get them? After all observations, I got one ultimate answer that the actual thing that is going to work for picking up a girl is your persistence and confidence.

Although some males are born with such characteristics but if you are not then let me ensure you that these abilities can also be developed with little efforts. If you follow up certain expert guidelines then soon you will be able to pick up right girl for your next date; here are some of these:

  1. Eye contact matters more than your effort to approach her:

In order to know whether you are going to successful in picking up any particular girl you must try this basic formula; prefer to make frequent eye contact with her from certain distance and observe her response.

If you find any positive response from her side then go and initiate a gentle talk but make sure that you have done proper research about her will be talking about the things she really like to hear from you.

  1. Don’t try to impress her friends at the same time:

If you are interested in her then it means you are not going to make any chance her friends. Do not try to act like a player just be like a person who can make her feel special in this whole world and can give her attention as well as care as she demand.

  1. Never miss complements:

Never ever think that she might have been approached by so many people till now as she is beautiful enough. Although beautiful girls are approached by so many guys but not always by the genuine ones and if you are the right person for her then she will definitely expect some complements from your side that will help her feel special and different from all others.

  1. Approach must be at decent places:

Girls are often annoyed by lots of boys at bars or clubs so if you are genuinely behind a girl then these are not right places to approach her rather choose one decent place to talk to her where she can feel comfortable to talk and can find time to know you also.

  1. Know the right time to walk away:

You must know when she wants to end the conversation or when she is feeling just bored with your talk so you must move on saying good bye. Try to read some facts from her body language and it will help you to know that what is right time to initiate a talk and when to stop?

  1. Be yourself:

Never forget the real you while approaching a girl; it is always good to avoid the fake identity in order to establish a healthy relation rather go ahead with the real you and express the thoughts that you feel inside in your way.

  1. Respect her:

A girl always needs respect from others and if you are approaching her that means you are going to bear the responsibility to be respectful and caring to her. It will help her to feel more attached to you.

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