7 Marvelous Truths about Donald Trump

7 Marvelous Truths about Donald Trump

Donald trump certainly loves to be in the spotlight, here are some marvelous Truths about Donald Trump you may not know.


Well, the guy you know is a complete teetotaler and a non-smoker! His elder brother died due to an addiction to alcohol and taking a lesson from him, Trump kept himself away from all such things. It is very difficult to adhere to such rules and ethics after becoming a renowned social figure but just like his words, he is adamant on his rules.

Thick and thins:

Trump was not born with a silver spoon. He has gone through thick and thins of his life and there have been cases where Trump filed for bankruptcy of companies which he owned primarily. He sold his stake in many hotels, casinos, and resorts, just to pay off the debts and clear liabilities. Hats off to his enthusiasm, otherwise a man of simple caliber would get frustrated after going through such harsh situations.

Superb was not superb:

Trump launched his own brand of Vodka way back in 2006 which was named as ‘Superb’. Only the ones who tried it can tell us why it was not superb and why its production was stopped. The vodka couldn’t draw the same respect and dignity as enjoyed by Donald Trump in the international legacy.

Giving hand:

Spending the least is one of the qualities of Trump that we are aware of which basically somehow connects to his habit of donation. The ardent philanthropist in Trump has donated more than $102 million through his foundation, including organizations such as UNICEF and other awareness societies.

Lesson of principles:

Trump’s parents had a great hand in bringing him up as a man of principles. While it can be pretty obvious that Trump’s discipline was a result of his parents sending him to the Military school at the age of 13, he was quite naughty and thus sending him to military school was one decision they would cherish until now.

Artist Trump:

The artistic side of anybody cannot stay hidden and this is what Trump proved. He tried his hand with architectural designs and stunned everyone with his ideas and works. He took on various projects, overhauling many real estate deals and succeeded in sustaining these already sunken projects. His business mind helped him achieve huge profits from these deals.

Lucky Man:

News if you’ve been hiding under a rock but Trump has had three wives. What is fascinating is the fact that his relationships faced little to no negligent controversy!

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