The regular pop-ups on trip-related mobile apps are doing a great job in reminding you that holiday season is approaching and it is high time to start planning your trips and make the most of the remaining year of 2020.

If you are still perplexed in deciding where to go then we will make it easy for you! In this post, we will bring to your attention the seven minimally explored places yet amazingly beautiful!

Papua New Guinea

As unique as its name, this place boasts of its cultural and biological diversity. Diversified species of birds and abundance of flora and fauna would make you fall in love with this place. Unlike other nations, the beauty of this place is still undamaged and you can actually realize what heaven means after visiting this place!

Northern Patagonia

Wettest, wildest, narrowest yet greenest! These four words are enough to describe the untouched beauty of this place. Glaciers, hot springs and rainforests, it is blessed with the experience of all the seasons. It is one of the most sparsely populated regions in Chile! The fairy tale beauty this District will make it difficult for you to end the trip!

Gurez Valley

Have you ever seen scenery which inspires you to carve it onto canvas? If yes, then Gurez Valley in Kashmir will give you that sight! The picturesque beauty of this place in India will steal your heart. Cool and fresh air, breathtaking landscape and sound of gushing rivers will relax your mind and make you feel that you have chosen the most awesome place to spend your vacations.

Fiordland National Park

Though New Zealand is quite known and an explored vacation spot very few people are aware of this National Park. It is one of the most dramatic and beautiful places in New Zealand which enthral travellers big time! Snow-capped peaks and ice-carved valleys will capture you in its spectacular charm. Its beauty is like nature’s pious gift to your eyes!


If you are fond of spotting endangered animals then Namibia is the place for you! Open spaces, wide roads, and mountains aside make the road trip furthermore enticing. It is one of the least populated countries in Africa and thus there is a wide scope of wilderness.


Isn’t it adventurous to explore the continent which can be full of hazards if you know that its white landscape can make you forget how chilly it is for a moment? Antarctica is known for its giant ice cube which overpowers chilled places globally. If the rising temperature has failed to meet your expectations of snow then Antarctica will fill the gap.

Cape Melville

The rocky structure of Melville is wild but beautiful. It is rugged but has mesmerizing beauty. Cape Melville is the perfect place for all those who love to get off the beaten track! Visiting this place will make you believe that there even the rocky headlands and granite dunes can form an impressive landscape. Full of adventure and fun, this place in Australia is worth adding to your list!

So pack your bags, these cool locations are waiting for you to explore!

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