7 Ways to Attract Her Attention

7 Ways to Attract Her Attention

How to impress a girl? It is one of the most common questions that boys think of.  Girls are different from boys as they are more emotional as compared to boys. If you want a girl to like you then you should make her feel special and wait patiently to let the girl know more about you. If you want to impress a girl and want that she likes you then you have to do something special and unique for her.

There are 7 ways mentioned below to attract attention or to win heart of a girl:

  1. Try to look good:

    If you are meeting a girl first time, then focus more on your looks. Girls don’t like those boys that don’t look good. There are chances that girl may not be impressed if you are not looking good. Most of the girls like those guys who have muscles and are good in shape. So, get in shape, because the first impression is the last impression.

  1. Don’t let her cry:

    If you want a girl to like you, then you don’t let her cry. But if a girl cries then you should make her stop crying and console her. By this method, she will start to feel that you care for her and will feel comfortable with you. Pay close attention to her problems due to which she cries. Make efforts to solve that problem and try to make her laugh and smile.

  1. Compliment her:

    If you are going on a first date then you should always compliment her like she is looking beautiful. Girls always wanted to hear good compliments from boys. But your focus should be on her personality than her looks.

  1. Be protective and gentleman: You should always protect her. If in the night time she is going home alone, then go with her and tell that you just want to protect her. Be a gentleman and respect other girls also in front of her.

  1. Listen hear carefully:

    Girls never like boys who do not listen to them carefully. Because if you will not do so then she will feel that you are not paying attention to her. This may give your bad impression on her.

  1. Give surprises:

    All people like surprises, but girls especially love surprises. So this is one of the best ways to attract her. You should give her gifts and buy that gift which she likes most.

  1. Speak confidently:

    Boys should always speak confidently with girls. If you want her to like you then speak in strong and clear voice, you should not talk in muffled way.

Moreover, never break her trust because she may hurt if you will flirt with another girl. You should always be yourself and treat her like you treat your own family members. Girls get easily attracted towards those boys who do not lie and tell them that

she is the most beautiful girl in this world.

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