Indoor Apartment Edibles Gardening

Indoor Apartment Edibles Gardening

The dissemination of COVID-19 has dramatically transformed Our lifestyle. Governments around the world are enforcing smart lockdowns and instructing the masses to practice social distancing to restrict the spread of this novel coronavirus. In such circumstances, when you have to stay at home, you can adopt the healthy activity of establishing an indoor home garden and keep yourself healthy while enjoying colorful flowers and fresh veggies. This will help you in boosting your immune system and fighting the microscopic enemy.

With a bit of planning and a little hard work, you can grow a garden of your own provided that your home/apartment has a little space in the shape of a courtyard, backyard, balcony, or any area where the plants can get the desired amount of sunlight. Once the site for plantation is selected, the next thing to do is to choose the right containers and plants, suitable for the selected site.

You can use some store-bought patio planters, buckets, hanging baskets and windowsill planters.  

1) Adding Edibles (Kitchen Gardening)

It is the act of raising vegetables, herbs, and fruits at a small scale within an apartment in pots and other vertical structures, aimed at fulfilling domestic consumption. Apart from keeping all family members busy in a productive and healthy activity, kitchen gardening is easily manageable, resulting in a cheaper and healthier outcome. Mints, lettuce, herbs and strawberries need less care and can simply be grown by beginners.

2) Adding Colorful Flowers

It is the growing of flowers at a domestic level for aesthetic purposes. Given the fact that 6 to 8 hours of complete sun during the growing season is a prerequisite for proper bloom, the pots or vertical trays containing the flowers must be placed at a site getting proper sunlight in your apartment. Soil must be rich in organic matter to produce good size and healthy plants. In addition, irrigation must be done carefully as the flowers at its initial stage require proper water, while at the time of flowering they need less water for proper bloom. We can categorize flowers into two types, i.e. annuals and perennials.

Annuals flowers complete the life-cycle when within one growing season, sprouting from seed becoming a plant gave flowers bloom, then produce seeds and die. If you want a lot of flowers then you have to select annual flowers birthday nominee need more care proper fertilization watering and care then the perennials.

Perennial flowers remain for many growing seasons normally during winter the dieback and grows again during the coming spring with the same root system. They are hardy as compared to annuals and need less care.

3) Adding House Plants

Evergreen house plants are also a best option for an apartment home garden, best source for refreshing your air by producing oxygen and making your atmosphere relaxing. There is a wide range of houseplants you can use according to your available space, they need less care other than flowering and edible plants.

4) Proper Watering and Nutrient Care

Irrigation / watering is also a key factor for growing plants at home, each plant has its own water requirement, for edible plants and flowering plants during their vegetative production need more water while they require less water at its reproductive stage. Soil is another factor for proper growth of plants because well-trained soil rich in organic matter helps to produce good size healthy plants.

5) Insect pest and disease control

Your home garden is the place where you spend most of your free time, Green area/plants are also habitat of insects they love to live and breed there. Some insects are environment friendly but most of them are haram for our garden and us, One should need to check their plants regularly, recognize and treat these attacks at early stages to keep their plants and garden healthy, Proper pest management it is necessary to control insects using least toxic way of control, for successful treatment of a damaging plant need proper identification of insect that will help to control it at its early stages.

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