There’s A new Smartwatch In The Hood! And He Gives A Fight

There’s A new Smartwatch In The Hood! And He Gives A Fight

They finally nailed it !! State of the art tech that may save lives with an amazing elegant style that suits any occasion. And at an affordable price that puts a smile on your face (costing less than $100). This is why the GX smartwatch is selling so fast worldwide.

It is actually repeatedly getting sold out due to the high demand.

The founders behind the Gx smartwatch are experts in health tech. When they set out to create the world’s most advanced smartwatch, they hired the top tech engineers in Germany and the top watch designers in France.

silver stripe smartwatch

But they did not know that they created a monster. The unification of old style with new technology plus a flexible and comfortable interface and finally a price tag that anyone can meet has caused each buyer to order 3 or 4 watches in each purchase. Which made them work around the clock to satisfy the crazy demand for the watch. Everyone wants one and they want it ASAP.

Gx smartwatch is a stylish retro smartwatch which tracks training exercises and counts footsteps. On top of that it tracks all important body signs such as blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and of course – heartbeat (ECO). In addition, it can alert if something is wrong and literally may save lives.  the readings can be shown to a doctor which may help them to make suggestions.

leather stripe smartwatch

Change it every day

It was delivered utilizing quality materials that give it a retro vibe. Moreover, The straps can be replaced easily to any color, style and material – silicon, leather or metal , making it perfect for exercise and casual use. The front and the back are cased in glass which wipes easily and looks impressive.

In fact, its user interface is well-organized, making it easy to locate different tools and options. That’s why you can enjoy some great features like integrated mobile support, location GPS tracking, alerts for medications, Wi-Fi and many more…

And by the way it can even show the time.

So check now if even available, because for the price of less than $100 they’re selling out fast! Let’s hope there is one available on stuck.

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blood pressure smartwatch

So what are the key points of the GX Smartwatch?

Free Mind & Hands

It always happens to me !! In the middle of a running session, washing dishes or in the middle of some other task that my hands and mind are focused on? Suddenly the phone started ringing !!
Now I’m fighting with myself, should I stop what I’m doing and answer the call or just let it ring. And between us, it is clear that in the end I overcome by the urge to answer.
Usually by the time I finally get to the phone it stops ringing. What a frustration !!

With a GX smartwatch, moments of this kind will never happen. All you have to do is click on your watch and you are ready to go.

Instant Health Check Readings

This is one of the most impressive features of the GX SmartWatch. It’s like wearing a little doctor on hand that checks health signs at all times, even when at deep sleep. GX Smartwatch reads all important body signs such as blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and of course – heartbeat – ECG. In addition, it can alert if something is wrong and literally may save lives.  the readings can be shown to a doctor which may help them to make suggestions.

It is also the ideal sports smartwatch. keep track of heartbeat, burning calories, running distance, running time and even a view of the route on the map.

Helps To Improve Sleep

GX SmartWatch Offers clear data of the sleep cycle so that the depth and quality can be tracked. Not only that, but it can show the level of sleep at any stage of the night, light, medium or deep sleep. I finally understand why I get up tired every day.  😉

Helps To Improve Sleep

Reliable Bluetooth Function

The watch is equipped with Bluetooth connections, WiFi, GPS tracking for navigation without a handset, alerts about changes in body indices and more. A key strength to the GX SmartWatch is its power to answer and make calls, read SMS, show Facebook, and twitter notifications, and more. This means you never have to miss out on an important message.

Bluetooth Functions smartwatch


Because of the sturdy material and IP68 level of waterproof protection, the GX SmartWatch can go anywhere, to the pool, the beach, camping, jogging or just washing the car.

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surf smartwatch

Very Long Battery Life

Ask anyone with a smart watch – There is nothing more annoying that the music stops in the middle of training. With GX Smartwatch, these annoying moments are almost non-existent. The watch can last between 5 – 7 days (depending of course on the amount of use). More than that, only one hour is required to return the watch to full charge. 

Ease Of Use

With the GX Smartwatch there are no embarrassing moments of “How to” or “Why can’t i”. The sharpness of the HD screen, and the pixel density allows for easy reading on the watch during traffic as well as during strong or weak lighting .

Eye-Catching Design smartwatch

Eye-Catching Design

One problem we often hear when it comes to health smartwatches is that they all look the same. One of the best attributes of the GX SmartWatch is the striking design. It is streamlined so you get an ultra-thin watch face and a stylish strap design to make it business-like yet sporty.

Versatile Display

This is another strength of the GX SmartWatch, it has multiple designs to ensure you never get bored of wearing the same watch. You can move from the simple displays with a traditional watch face or something more exciting in an instant.

Versatile Display smartwatch

Suitable for both iOS and Android

GX Smartwatch easily connects to all Apple products and all Android devices. No matter which device you connect to the clock, calls notifications, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype, Instagram and more) will start flowing. All it takes is to turn on the Bluetooth.

Where can I purchase the GX SmartWatch?

GX SmartWatch is available for a limited time only, Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

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