Pokemon Go – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Pokemon Go – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

If you visit any social media feed then definitely you will find something interesting about the latest game- Pokemon Go. Yes this game is becoming more and more popular among players and social media network has gone viral with its routine updates.

Here people spend time on finding love lovely little creatures in real world and you can often see players walking on streets while holding their smart phones or other GPS devices. Pokemon Go encourages people to get out of their room and roam here and there in search of Pokemon; with such an enthusiastic game, experts are believing that it will be able to result amazing health benefits as players are not forced to be stay fixed on their chairs in front of computer rather they keep on moving in search of Pokemons.

The Good:

As discussed above, it is well proven that while using this application people keep on walking out of their home and naturally they are going to stay physically fit as well as active. People keep on using their GPS to navigate all paths where Pokemon is present and they immediately rush to those locations to catch that creature. Medical news says that it keeps players away from diabetes and cardiovascular issues etc. one more positive effect of this game is that it improves thought of participation in society instead of staying alone all the time.

The Bad:

Unfortunately, with so many good factors there are few sad parts about Pokemon Go that you might observe with time. The biggest bad news is that with craziness of playing Pokemon Go, nowadays people are walking madly on streets as well as roads. Some of these have also decided to ride their vehicles in search of Pokemon creatures and this is the biggest problem for all because it causes congestion on road and is one of the biggest causes of accidents. With day by day increasing popularity of Pokemon Go, people have developed so many dreadful habits that can cause harm to life also. This game is working like a distraction to players and experts suggest controlling such habits in order to save life of individual as well as another.

The Ugly:

Some things are really strange about this game and it was observed within last few days when so many crazy and hilarious stories were updated on social media. Recently one 19 year old girl found a dead body at a river bank while searching her Pokemon. Other then this many people have broken up as a couple due to increasing madness of Pokemon Go; such things are not acceptable for a game.

Game lovers are ready to spend long hours for searching their Pokemon at every possible location in the city. If you are also a Pokemon Go series player then it is good to download this game as soon as possible from internet and start searching your lovely creatures as soon as possible. But after all, try to play safely and prefer not to get busy with your game when you are walking on road with huge traffic.

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