Prioritizing the 4 ‘F’s of Life

Prioritizing the 4 ‘F’s of Life

Achieving a sense of balance in our lives is a continuous process which requires us to prioritize the 4 ‘F’s of our life viz. family, friends, fitness and finances. I am purposely leaving out the 5’th ‘F” that is ‘faith’ since not many people of the 21st century finds the time to pray. The 4 ‘F’S are categories which all human beings have in common and each one of them can seriously affect the other. For example a wrong pal will be affecting your family or finances or a serious sickness can affect all the other 3 categories. On the other hand a good friend or a healthy body would not only create a stronger you but also create a spill over into the other areas of life. To put it simply creating a balance between the 4 ‘F’s of life would make your life balanced and productive. Determining what’s most important in your life would help you recover quickly from an unforeseen tragedy.

I would encourage you to arrange the 4 ‘F’s of your life in the following order:


Family should invariably be on the top of your list since its the family you are going to fall back upon during your crisis period in life. However job and other interests in life can distract a person from the family and keep them from giving their families the time they deserve. You should equally distribute your time with each of your children as well as your wife. Spending time with your family is much more than having supper or watching telly at the end of the day; it’s more about attuning yourself to be constantly aware and available for all their needs.


This category is all about the cultivation of solid and sustainable relationships. Learning how to nurture a friendship comes with a beneficial effect on the entire life. Remember that by friend I am not talking about your ‘friends’ on Facebook or followers on ‘Instagram’. Here I am talking about real friendship- something which helps to make us strong emotionally and spiritually. Never let your job disconnect you from the friends you really care about. Choose your friends wisely and never alienate yourself from a friend who not only supports you in difficult times but also challenges you whenever you are wrong.


Finance can be divided into 2 aspects- jobs or businesses and career objectives. You need to focus on both so as to be successful in life. The financial objective varies from man to man. For example for many people living within budget can form an important part of their financial objective, for others it could be about attaining a dream job.


For me this is the least important of all the four F’s of life. However you need to remember that this category seriously affects all the rest. Nothing in your life is going to work out well unless you have a fit body and a healthy mind. Moreover keeping yourself in fine form is going to boost your confidence level and strengthen your overall spirit.

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