Special Release: Military Grade Headlamp

Headlamps: An Everyday Must Have

When the time comes to head into the great outdoors, there are few who can pass up a reliable and functional headlamp. Camping is a hands-on activity so, oddly enough, requires your hands. A few adjustments to some head straps and you have light where you need it when you need it. But camping isn’t the only time you will need this combination of being able to use your hands and being able to see and at the same time. Roadside repairs are far easier when you have both hands free. Electrical outages are less irritating when you don’t have to carry a flashlight all night. After hours training is safer when you can see the road and traffic can see you. And, if you have my mother’s creativity, it’s a little easier letting your kid play an extra few hours when you can track them by a bright beam of light.

With so many uses you’re going to want quality. You’re going to be sure that when you pick up your headlamp it will work. And it’s also a nice extra to not have to worry that a strong breeze will send it on the fritz. Primitive Survivors is an online company that specializes in selling camping and survival gear and they have just added a new headlamp to their collection that is well worth a look.

TL900 Military Grade LED Headlamp

The TL900 LED headlamp weighs around 230g before the battery. It comes with a three-way adjustable strap that (apart from the charger pack of course) is soft material. A feature I personally prefer because I don’t normally like packing my headlamp to be like a game of breakable Tetris. Water resistant and able to survive drops of 1.5 meters, the TL900 is built to go where you want to. The lamp itself has a 90-degree adjustable tilt and you can even adjust the beam length from 200-500m.

When looking at the TL900, keep in mind that it was designed to be tactical equipment. That means that this headlamp packs a lot more of a punch than some other brands. The T6 Cree LED bulb is so bright it can light not just feet in front of you, but a good portion of the area beside you as well. A feature that makes the TL900 versatile is the settings. A press of a button and you can choose between low, high, strobe, and SOS.

But what about the price? Right now Primitive Survivors is offering an amazing deal. And this isn’t an amazing deal like they shaved a few dollars off. Order online with the coupon you can find here and you can get the TL900 for 75% off. Just remember that things might change a bit if you order more than one at a time, so secure yours first and then think up your gift list.

Keep Your Hands Free With a Head Mounted Tactical Headlamp.

For people who need to keep their hands clear, there is a new powerful Tactical LED Headlamp. The TL900 Tactical LED Headlamp is currently one of the best head mounted lights in the country. Having headlamps on hand in case of blackouts, especially if you have kids at home and having your hands free is a necessity. I also suggest not forgetting the headlamp when you’re packing up the car. The last thing you want is to be stuck fixing your car on the side of the road juggling a torch in one hand and a jack in the other.

The TL900 is sold solely online.

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