Tactical Headlamps Beyond Camping

Tactical Headlamps Beyond Camping

On an autumn night in the middle of a forest, with only a bonfire and the aurora to see by, I was chasing one of my friend’s sled dog that had slipped its lead and was thinking that I could really use a headlamp. It wasn’t the only time that travel had presented a moment when one would be of use.

From walking home along wood tracks that had the possibility of very large carnivores, to sharing hostel rooms but still wanting to read a book, there seemed a thousand times when life would have been a lot simpler, and safer, with one.But not all headlamps are built the same. You’d want something durable, lasting, functional, and comfortable.

An exclusive of Primitive Survivors the TL900 LED has multiple functions (high, low, strobe, and SOS) for use in just about any situation. The lamp itself features a 90-degree tilt and can be focused at x1, x250, x500, and x1000. That gives you a range of 200-500 meters. But all this power is still lightweight. The device weighs in at only 230 grams before the battery.

As for that battery lamp life, one set can last up to 2 hours on high light and 30 hours on low, with a max brightness of 1,000 lumens.

 Made from durable aircraft-grade aluminum, and treated with an anti-abrasive finish, the TL900 LED is designed to take whatever you throw at it, intentionally or unintentionally. With its impact resistant design, you can drop it up to 1.5 meters without damage. It’s also water resistant, with a strap that can be adjusted at three points for a custom fit.

With such versatility and reliability, this is a headlamp that will suit for far more than just camping. People suggest having headlamps on hand in case of blackouts, especially if you have a few kids at home and having your hands free is a necessity, but I also suggest not forgetting the headlamp when you’re packing up the car. The last thing you want is to be stuck fixing your car on the side of the road juggling a torch in one hand and a jack in another.

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