Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Go Solar

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Go Solar

There are still many of us who thinks that solar energy costs a fortune, that it is only for the hippies or more commonly that it doesn’t work at all. In spite of these popular misconceptions, more and more solar energy systems are being installed in houses and businesses in all corners of the globe. There are surely more than one reason why thousands of homeowners are going solar these days and in this article we are going to give you 10 good reasons to go solar.

TOP 10 Reasons To GO Solar

Saving Money

Adding solar panels to your house could result in a monthly saving of more than hundred dollars. Now think of how much money you are going to save in 20 years time (which is lesser than the longevity of a regular warranty on solar panel). It amount to more than $30,000. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

Clean World

Solar energy which is the cleanest alternative for fossil fuels is a green and renewable source of energy which would help you reduce your carbon footprint considerably. It doesn’t come with any pollution and also doesn’t need any other fuel for energy production.

It’s Always The Sun

This renewable source of energy would help you produce electricity as long as the sun keeps shining. Just by installing solar panels countries can lessen their dependence on other countries for constant supply of coal. Since sunlight is available anywhere on the planet, solar panels can help to bring power supply even in the remotest locations.

Easy Maintenance

Solar cells don’t require much maintenance and in case you need more energy you can always choose to add a few extra panels.Contrary to what most people believe solar panels are not an expense. You should consider them as an investment which would handsomely reward you for many years to come.

Improving The Price Of Your Property

Installing solar panels would help to elevate the value of your property. Houses equipped with solar energy systems sell much faster offering you a premium of 3-4% (which is expected to increase with time) over other houses in your neighborhood. More and more appraisers are taking solar energy into consideration while determining the value of a property.

Local Economy

Going solar would help to create more jobs and thereby strengthen your local economy. The green energy sector is expected to generate millions of ‘green collar’ jobs in the coming decade.


Manufacturers of solar panels generally offer a warranty of 20-25 years on their panels. You can expect to get 80% performance even after 2 decades of using them.


Solar panels are extremely easy to install and doesn’t require any power sources or wires. They don’t require much space and can be easily installed on your rooftop. It doesn’t require any large scale installation since they are generally fitted in a distributed manner.

Solar energy can be extremely beneficial if you are living in a remote area without any access to power cables. You would get to produce electricity as long as the sun shines over your head.

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