Video On Demand You Won’t Want To Miss

Video On Demand You Won’t Want To Miss

In 2020 videos have come up as the most popular kind of online content in the market. Apart from YouTube one can see a proliferation of Video on Demand (VOD) platforms which allow the makers of the videos to sell their work online.

Many of these VOD platforms are also compatible with iOS and Android so that the user can view the content no matter where they are. In this article we are going to tell you about some of the best VOD platforms you shouldn’t miss out at any cost.


If you are an entrepreneur looking forward to create an income out of your video content then this site is just for you. Uscreen comes with tons of benefits for video makers which aren’t easy to beat. The kind of entrepreneurs who use this platform can range from spiritual trainers, to fitness gurus to swimming instructors. Let’s take a quick look at all the benefits Uscreen has to offer:

  • This site is totally white label which implies that any video creator can choose to brand this VOD platform along with the app for themselves.
  • The DRM security of this site keeps it safe from hackers
  • Uploading content, setting the price or creating chapters on Uscreen is a matter of simplicity.
  • It comes with iOS and Android apps so that one can easily stream or download the video.


This VOD platform features a special collaboration based sales practice which allows more than one creator to join on a channel and divide the profits. This platform would allow the entrepreneurs to gain a lot of exposure. Moreover PivorShare hosts the vastest range of topics. Some of the benefits of this platform are listed below.

  • This site is free to start and easy to setup. It’s really easy to create an account or upload videos on PivotShare.
  • This VOD platform also comes with a white label option which means that the video creator can buy a custom url where he can upload custom images.
  • PivotShare can not only be used for video but also for other kinds of content.
  • This platform offers a basic recurrent billing system so that you can have more subscribers easily.


This VOD platform is focussed on creative people like filmmakers, poets, composers, writers etc. Gumroad features a very simple method of revenue and allows the customers to rent the content of the entrepreneur as opposed to subscription or pay per video. What sets this platform apart from the rest of its kind is their good customer service. Take a look at the various advantages this site has to offer:

  • It can be set up quickly and easily.
  • The charging method is really simple. It charges the entrepreneur 5% along with 25 cents for transaction fee.
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS.
  • It would provide you with all the reports of your relevant sales data so that it can be integrated with Google Analytics.
  • It offers full HTTPS security and download verification.

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