What Men Want In A Woman?

What Men Want In A Woman?

If you are a single woman who is looking forward to winning the heart of your prince charming then you need to know a few things about what most men want in their life partners. In this article we are going to take you inside a man’s mind to find out what the right woman looks like in his eyes.


A real man always tries to hook up with a woman who is independent minded. A man looks forward to a woman who is capable of doing things on her own. They surely don’t want to spend their lives with someone weaker who is dependent on him on every aspect. Therefore keep yourself busy with the things you like to do instead of making your chosen one the centre of your life. A clingy woman is a real turnoff for most men so if you are one of those girls who love to spend time on your own or have your own set of friends then you are really close to hitting the jackpot.

Self Respect:

The way you present yourself has a lot to tell about the way you really are. Most men like their partners to look sexy; but remember never to cross the thin line between sexy and slutty. Moreover in the present society your Facebook or Instagram profile is like your resume for men. Your social media profile has a lot to tell about: who you really are, what kind of people you hang out with, how you spend your time etc. Frankly speaking most men don’t want a woman who can be found everywhere, doing everything with practically everyone. If you have no self respect then you cannot expect a man to respect you. Keep your profile on social media low key so as to intrigue your chosen man.


An engaging conversation can really make your relationship trigger. Not all men fall for the dumb blondes; there are many of them who prefer to have a stimulating conversation and who appreciates a sense of humour. A woman who can think critically is a major turn on for most intelligent men. Keep in mind that chatting about your favourite brands of apparels, reality TV or the latest designer shoes isn’t going to keep a man entertained for life. For this you need not have a degree from Cambridge, all you need to do is cultivate a little understanding, intellect and reasoning.


Most men are invariable drawn to women who are kind and affectionate not only towards them but also towards other people. A kind, affable and affectionate woman is always very welcoming for a man. They look for a woman who would randomly hold his hand or give him an occasional hug for no reason. They want a woman who isn’t self obsessed…someone who would ask them how their day went. A friendly kiss or a warm gesture on your part would mean a lot to any sensible man. Affection is what strengthens your connection with a man and it helps to open up valuable lines of communications.


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